Need MCAS Tutoring?

Pathways to MCAS Success Program provides students with a second chance to obtain their high school diploma by providing free MCAS tutoring prep classes and career counseling services funded by DESE.  The goal of this program is to help students pass their next MCAS exam and obtain their high school diploma as well as help students become self sufficient through gaining employment. I have attached the schedule for the upcoming tutoring session for MCAS prep in Math and English at Bunker Hill Community College.

MCAS Pathways offers:

  • Free MCAS Prep courses funded by DESE at Bunker Hill Community College and North Shore Community College
  • Individualized career counseling services through The Career Place
  • Free career counseling workshops to schools and non-profits for target population

Who is eligible?

  • Post seniors who have completed high school with a Certificate of Completion solely due to failing one or more of the MCAS exams
  • Juniors and seniors who have failed one or more of the MCAS exams

Please contact Laura Denison if you are interested at or 781-932-5514