Why Do Community Service?

1) Boost Your Resume:

Colleges and Employers are looking to hire individuals who have expertise in their fields and who live with passion and commitment. Community Service gives students the chance to put classroom skills into action. Service shows colleges and employers that a person is committed to working hard as well as to working for the common good. Colleges and employers love to see applicants who have a vision for their lives and who want to make a positive impact on society.

2) Connect to the Community:

Community Service engages an individual in volunteering and learning along side those who are passionate about affecting change in their communities. As you walk side by side with folks addressing pressing social issues, your network of friends will grow, as will your sense of place and belonging.

3) Become an Active and Engaged Learner

One of the main objectives of the Medford High School community service experience is to develop students into engaged life-long learners. Students learn both in and out of the classroom. Community Service facilitates learning by encouraging students to step out of their comfort zone and immerse themselves in challenging situations.  Volunteering can change students in profound ways as it fosters individual growth.  Are you ready for the challenge?