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Recommended Testing Schedule for the SAT:

All students are recommended to take the PSAT in October of their Sophomore and/or Junior year.  It gives practice for the SAT without the cost of the SAT and without colleges ever receiving the scores.  It is also the qualifying test for the National Merit Program.

Students taking Algebra I in Grade 9 (Geometry in Grade 10, and Algebra II in Grade 11) should take the SAT in January and/or May of their Junior year.  These students should prep for the SAT between January and May in Grade 11.

Students taking Geometry in Grade 9, and students with National Merit ambitions should take the SAT in May of their Sophomore year, and/or October of their Junior year.    These students should prep for the SAT between May and October in Grades 10 and 11.

Students taking Geometry or Algebra II in Grade 12 should take the SAT October and/or January of their Senior year.  These students should  prep for the SAT I between October and January in Grade 12.  They should delay this schedule if college admissions offices can wait even longer for the scores.

The Question-and-Answer Service (QAS) is available for all the dates listed above.  It is recommended that students order the QAS when registering for the SAT.

Medford High School will be hosting the SATS on all U.S. test dates. See here for more info:


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